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Master your business and increase your knowledge

Running a business shouldn’t be scary. With the CORE24 Learning Platform through The Mastery Network, you will learn the core elements of business, from establishing something new to running it effectively and efficiently. You can expect to learn:

  • Business Planning – Learn the skills to plan for the future of your business, whether you are just starting or have been in business for years.
  • Financial Intelligence – Understand how to read complex financial documents, manage income & expenses, obtain funding, and more.
  • Management – Know the benefits you can provide, how to pay yourself and employees, understand differences between employees and contractors, and learn how to effectively communicate with and lead your team.
  • Marketing & Communication – Find your brand voice, establish the right goals for your business, and communicate with current and potential customers.
  • Efficiency – Learn how to evaluate and implement technological solutions to better your business processes and increase time management and efficiency.

Choose the solution that is right for your business

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  • Join our Core 24 Program
  • Self-Study through the modules
  • Build your business acumen
  • Work at your own pace
  • Get ready for growth
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Includes Basic plus:

  • Be part of a group, learning together
  • Build your network
  • Dedicated business support
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Includes Standard plus:

  • Spend time one-to-one with our advisors
  • Build your Business Success Framework, mapping out with CHA Advisory your ‘Best Version Business Framework®’
  • Ongoing coaching and support

Learning at your fingertips...

You learn the foundational key steps to building your business through our 24 business modules. Learning can be done at the point of need or a time that suits you.


The software tracks what you have done so far, appraises you as soon as you log in of your progress and is available on any system. Just log-in!

Did you know?

In the next 5 years, the most important thing you can improve in business is your business knowledge and business skills.

Business Education + Skills = Personal & Professional Growth

RLC Success Framework

The RLC Global Product that transforms businesses. This universal coaching is applicable for solopreneurs to startups, scalers, and large corporates. Coached to C-Suite, Business owners or Leadership Teams. The coaching of the Framework is over 6 months period, 12 Sessions.

We work with you to map out 5 key areas of your business:

  • Your Mission and Y-FACTOR
  • Your Future view- Now | 24 Months | 3/5/7 Years ahead
  • We build your culture so that everyone in the team can contribute and enjoy it
  • We join together your values and behavior to make your business stand out
  • We map out the 24-month track ahead so we can all get started

Fully supported by your CHA Advisor who is with you the whole way

Framework Testimonials

“Whenever I make a decision or change in my business, I refer to the Framework, it harnesses my mindset, my focus and keeps me moving forward”

- Barb Gay, President of Radish Business Advisory

“The process that was used took my team from where they were and invited them to be part of the story themselves”

- Dr. Leigh Vallance, CEO Bolton Hospice

“Have you ever been fed up of always having to communicate to others what it is you are doing or thinking – the framework took that away – the team knew what they were supposed to be doing and got on with it”

- Jeff Bird, HRD, J H Supplies

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